Confucius and Solomon on Whom to Vote for Tomorrow


Erin O’Toole

The first reading at mass this morning sounds like a comment on Erin O’Toole:

“The wicked say: 

Let us beset the just one, because he is obnoxious to us;

        he sets himself against our doings,

    reproaches us for transgressions of the law

        and charges us with violations of our training.

    Let us see whether his words be true;

        let us find out what will happen to him.

    For if the just one be the son of God, God will defend him

        and deliver him from the hand of his foes.

    With revilement and torture let us put the just one to the test

        that we may have proof of his gentleness

        and try his patience.

    Let us condemn him to a shameful death;

        for according to his own words, God will take care of him.”—Wisdom 2:12, 17-20

If someone pretends to be a friend to all, he is a friend to none; he is only acting in his own self-interest.

Anyone who is genuinely moral will stir up strenuous opposition: whether he calls them out or not, the evil will hate him.

Confucius made the same point. From memory: “If a man has no friends, it is necessary to make enquiries. If a man has no enemies, it is necessary to make enquiries.”

Just saying. I’d still be pleased if O’Toole removed Trudeau.

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