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Cilnidipine tablets basically belong calcium channel blocker group of tablets that are mainly used for the treatment of high blood pressure ( as an anti-hypertensive drug ) and are also known as calcium antagonists. An anti-hypertensive drug generally treats the pressure rise in blood vessels leading to the risks of developing strokes and other diseases related to the heart.

Cilnidipine tablets generally work by stopping the entry of calcium from entering your cardiac cells as thus get the name Calcium channel blockers. The tablet makes your blood vessels relax and thus minimizes the risks of developing strokes. They are found in various strengths such as 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg

These tablets have the generic name of Cilnidipine and are available in the market under different brand names. The various names include.

  • Cilicar tablet
  • Cinod tablet
  • Nexovas tablet
  • Nulong tablet
  • Cilaheart tablet 

In this article, we will be looking at the uses, dosage, side effects, safety, and precautions of Cilnidipine tablets. So, let’s begin.


Cilnidipine tablets mainly focus on lowering your blood pressure levels but the doctor recommends these tablets for the treatment of other specific diseases as well. Let’s look at the various uses of Cilnidipine tablets.

1. Treats hypertension

Cilnidipine tablets are tablets of anti-hypertensive class and are prescribed for the treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure. The normal blood pressure of a human being is 80-120mm Hg at sea level. When the blood pressure goes above this range it is known as high blood pressure which increases the risk of developing strokes, peripheral artery diseases, chest pain, and other severe heart diseases. Cilnidipine tablets maintain your blood pressure levels and treat hypertension by blocking the entry of calcium in your vessels.

2. Post-stroke treatment

Cilnidipine tablets are also used as a follow-up therapy right after recovering from a stroke. This is generally done as Cilnidipine maintains your blood pressure level by relaxing your blood vessels and thus prevents further strokes.

3. Treatment of Albuminuria

Cilnidipine tablets are also prescribed to people suffering from severe kidney diseases and diabetes. Albuminuria is a condition in which the proteins ( albumin) start getting excreted out through urine. These tablets are effective in the treatment of such conditions.

4. Prevention of heart attacks and chest pain

Cilnidipine tablets play a major role in dilating your blood vessels so that pumping of the heart does not exert severe pressure on the vessel walls. This leads to lowering blood pressure and prevents the risk of developing future heart attacks and chest pain ( Angina ).


The initial dose of Cilnidipine tablets for an adult is 5mg-10mg tablets once per day. The suitable strength of the medicine is noted by your doctor and the exact dose is prescribed. The dosage of Cilnidipine tablets varies according to the medical condition you are in and your doctor is the best person who can guide you to the perfect dose for you. These tablets can be taken before or after meals. 

Side effects

The chances of witnessing side effects from Cilnidipine tablets are rare. The side effects of Cilnidipine tablets includes

  • Hypotension
  • Dizziness
  • Fast heartbeat rate
  • Swelling on face, tongue
  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea

If you are facing any of these unwanted effects due to the intake of this medicine immediately consult your doctor.

Safety and precautions

  1. Always consult your doctor before taking this medicine
  2. Always follow your doctor’s advice regarding the dosage of this medicine
  3. It is advisable to do regular exercises and lower your salt intake along with these medicines
  4. If you have signs of chest pain while consuming this medication you should definitely consult your doctor
  5. Store these medicines away from direct sunlight 


The pricing of Cilnidipine tablets may vary according to the strength of the tablet and the preferred brand. The average price of the tablet according to the strength is as follows.

  • 5mg – Rs 7
  • 10mg – Rs 9-12
  • 20mg – Rs 12-15


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