China has been named as the USA’s primary adversary. Some term it an ‘enemy’ to be defeated. A campaign of fear has resulted in popular Chinese products being targeted for banning.

Several Chinese companies have been accused of having ulterior motives locked within their software innovations and are excluded from western contracts.

The USA, UK and Australia have just announced a controversial deal to create a new entity, AUKUS, an additional unit to the already existing tie-in between these nations in the Asian Pacific Anglosphere. Despite the denials, there can be no doubt whatsoever that this is aimed at China. A China which, as is Russia, is framed as displaying ‘aggression’.

Are the plethora of scare stories for real? Is China a threat to the everyday population on the western street and their governments?

Not that I can see. I call bullshit.

As has become usual in recent years, the cover stories that the West tells a still far too gullible western public about their regime change targets are just fig leafs for something else.

The elites of the West have become far too used to being top dogs, able to manipulate geopolitical and national issues at will, twisting arms and getting their way. This has become institutionalised.

Few have any intent or desire to give up their empires. How many souls have existed who were so selfless, so intent on the greater good that they would do so? And this isn’t a matter of a few souls, it is a matter of tens of thousands, if not a million or more.

It’s not just losing your status or income that matters to those who have run this very convenient empire for so long now. The adrenalin felt in the corridors of power is a well-known factor that often leads to internecine strife within political circles. Just imagine how much adrenaline is felt when operating on a global level, wheeling and dealing, playing one chess move then another, the thrill of the chase and the deep satisfaction gained in studying the form and coming up with the right next move. How many of us would give that up?

Hopefully, those of us who had a moment of catharsis and realised just how destructive this perpetual creation of division oftentimes leading to war truly was, would give it all up. But what about the superb lifestyle, the kids’ education, the meetings, greetings and world travel… and all those lovely rushes of adrenaline and the loftily proud notions of achievement and status. Those of us who would give it all up for a rather lonely and rather downmarket perch criticising from outside must surely be few indeed.

So, when you hear those assertions of wrongdoing aimed at China, whether from the political class, the think tank mandarins or well-heeled mainstream media commentators know one thing in particular, this is personal for them. Their entire lifestyle and all that entails regarding self-worth, family life, peer esteem and all else involved, hangs on the present status quo being maintained. That status quo is of course the continued supremacy of the West.

There it is… and there is how it is.

China is far and away primarily a danger only to the status and careers of western elites

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