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Mango, the most loved fruit in India, is extremely popular and is highly nutritious in nature. The sweet taste of mangoes makes us go gaga over it. Moreover, besides being so tasty mangoes have several health benefits to offer.

But what if I am trying to lose weight or I am on my weight loss journey? Can I eat mango during weight loss? Is mango bad for weight loss? Will eating mangoes during my weight loss process will affect my journey? If these are the questions, you are concerned about, then this article will efficiently help you.

Can I eat mangoes during weight loss?

So, coming straight to the point. You can definitely consume mangoes and include them in your weight loss diet, even if your diet is strict. Be it a calorie deficit diet or any other strict diet, you can easily fit in mangoes by adjusting their calories with any other foods. But yes, make sure to not eat more than one mango per day if you are on a weight loss diet. Always remember, controlled potion is the key.

Why should I even care about eating mangoes if I am following a strict diet plan?

Mangoes have an irresistibly sweet taste that is loved by everyone in the country. Apart from their taste, mangoes are filled up with nutrients and provide us with several health benefits.

1 cup of mangoes approximately consists of the following nutritional value.

Vitamin C75% RDI
Copper20% RDI
Vitamin B612% RDI
Vitamin A10% RDI
Vitamin E9.8% RDI
Approximate nutritional information of a cup of mangoes

Along with this mangoes are also rich in Vitamin B5, Vitamin K, niacin, potassium, manganese, magnesium and folate. As we can clearly see, just a cup of mangoes can almost fulfill your daily requirement of various vitamins and minerals. So even if you are on your weight loss journey, you would never want to miss out on those vitamins and minerals that will boost your overall health. This is why you shouldn’t miss out on eating mangoes especially when it is a seasonal fruit.

Why are mangoes not considered bad for weight loss?

is mango bad for weight loss?

Mango is a low-calorie density food

The core mantra of weight loss is losing double the calories gained by your body. As a result, people who are trying to lose weight tend to compromise on calorie intake so that they can burn more calories. It becomes easier to burn double calories if your calorie intake via food is less.

Low calorie-density foods come into play under such scenarios. Eating low-calorie foods which are rich in nutrition will assist you in your weight loss journey and simultaneously provide enough nutrition to your body. Mango, being a low-calorie density fruit will definitely help to keep your sudden hunger pangs in control.

1 cup of mangoes provides you with 105-120 Kcal of energy which is not that high. And to be honest, even if that amount of calories seems too much for you, you can always adjust the calories with any other food.

Mango is high in fiber

Mangoes are quite rich in fiber. The presence of high fiber in mangoes reduces the glycemic load of the fruit, which in turn makes the fruit fall in the low glycemic index food list. Mangoes have a glycemic index value ranging from 40-50 which makes them a low glycemic index food (the ability of a food to increase the level of glucose in the blood). This is the sole reason why eating mangoes if you have diabetes, is not considered bad. Low glycemic index foods like mangoes generally assist in weight loss as it is also low in carbohydrates.

Mango has a high water content

Mango is a high water content fruit. Side by side it is also rich in potassium. So people who have water retention problems in their body should definitely consume mangoes. Such high water content foods balance the level of sodium in our body and also reduces water weight. Moreover, foods that contain high water also help in weight loss as they suppress appetite and have low-calorie content.

Presence of antioxidants that help in weight loss

Mangoes contain two antioxidants that aid in weight loss. Mangiferin and Catechins are the two antioxidants present in mangoes that aids in fat burning and exercise-induced loss of abdominal fat. Other antioxidants present in mangoes such as quercetin, anthocyanins, benzoic acid, glutamic acid, and kaempferol help in the detoxification process. There is a specific diet called the detox diet which helps in losing weight.

Mango is a zero-fat fruit

Mango is indeed a zero-fat fruit that is it contains zero fat and zero cholesterol. During a weight loss journey, zero-fat foods are the most preferred ones as intake of more fat will lead to more weight. As a result, burning fat through intensity workouts also becomes necessary if you are trying to lose weight. So mangoes, being a zero-fat food will definitely assist you.

African mangoes help in weight loss

There are various varieties of mangoes. One such example of such varieties is the African mangoes. It is also known as bush mango or wild mango. Various researches have been conducted on these African mangoes showing that it actually helps in reducing body weight. Nowadays this variety of mango is used as a medicine for reducing weight in the western world.

Other benefits 

If these reasons were not enough for you to add mangoes to your weight loss diet, here are some more reasons why you should include mangoes in your diet.

  • Mangoes help in proper digestion
  • Mangoes help in activating good enzymes
  • Mangoes have anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of carotenoids
  • Boosts immunity and metabolic rate of your body
  • Considered great for your bones as it increases calcium absorption
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Prevents Asthma and allergies
  • Promotes a healthy heart by lowering bad cholesterol

How many mangoes should you consume if you are on a weight loss diet?

when to eat mangoes

It is always recommended to consume not more than one cup mango per day if you are trying to lose weight. Also remember to consume mango as a whole, instead of adding it to smoothies or other drinks. Don’t consume mangoes post meals as a dessert as this increases the total calorie count of your entire meal. Try to consume mangoes for breakfast or as a snack in the evenings. You can also add mango to your protein shake right after you are done with your daily workout regime. The healthy enzymes present in mangoes help in the easy breakdown and absorption of protein in the body.

So as we can see, mangoes are not only safe to eat if we are on our weight loss journey but also will indirectly help us to achieve our weight loss goals. Mango is a low-calorie and zero-fat fruit that is highly nutritive and you would never want to miss out on it even if you are on a weight loss diet.


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