Block Kong, 21 entrepreneurs and financiers leading blockchain in Hong Kong

We look at this fun and thought provoking book from Hong Kong, written by Charles d’Haussy and Jame DiBiasio. See more about the book here.

Block Kong, 21 entrepreneurs and financiers leading blockchain in Hong Kong

This is a fun, chatty, accessible book. There are photos and bio sketches too, there are even cafe receipts from the various places that the host interviewed and chatted with his guests. This makes for an accessible format, and something which very much gives you a thumbnail guide of who is doing interesting things in Hong Kong.

We have always been big fans of Hong Kong, it’s level of fintech innovation and the impressive and fast moving solutions it has come up with. The one elephant in the room is arguably, what will happen in the future, as China seems to have ended it’s period of one country two systems. As democracy campaigners, including Hong Kong based entrepreneurs and tech leaders are increasingly being silenced it does suggest that this whole area is something that the authors perhaps strategically avoided.

We understood why it might have been necessary to not go there, in terms of this topic, but as a reviewer it is nearly impossible not to wonder what Hong Kong’s future looks like, and if it will continue to be as innovation in the blockchain sector.

With this caveat to onside, and it is perhaps a geopolitical issue beyond the remit of the book itself, there is a lot to like in this book. It is wise, smart and informative. It deftly captures a good snapshot of what is happening in Hong Kong, and who some of it’s leader actors are. Well worth reading, check it out.

The Book

Hong Kong, or “Fragrant Harbour” in Cantonese, is not only one of the leading international financial centre but also a discrete, yet powerful crypto hub.
Meet 21 brilliant Blockchain Hong Kong entrepreneurs, around breakfast in their favourite local restaurants.

Travel to the “New York of Asia”, and meet 21 personalities from the Hong Kong crypto scene.They are former regulator & TV anchor, genius traders, immigrants, gamers turned CEO, anarchists, Chief Decentralization Officer, billionaires…

Bilingual book in English & Chinese

Published in partnership with leading Fintech publication DigFin.

Block Kong is a non-profit side project aiming at documenting the blockchain entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. All profits from the book sales and speaking engagements will fund Blockchain studies to computer engineering students in Hong Kong with limited resources.

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