Biden tells gas station owners to lower gas prices and ‘do it now’ because it’s ‘time of war and global peril’

President Biden’s approval and disapproval are at record highs partly based on economic issues that this administration has been trying to pin on Putin. Nobody’s buying the blame deflection:

After blaming inflation and gas prices on “Russia Russia Russia” while overseas this week, the @POTUS Twitter account is now blaming gas station owners during this “time of war and global peril”:

“Do it now.” And the Dems called Trump a wannabe authoritarian?

Is it just us or does it seem that the “global peril” started around the time Biden took office?

Ah yes, the “limited incursion” exception.

The level of the midterm wipeout needs to be of historic proportions.

Bingo! This tweet has aged to perfection in just over two years:

That was another lie, as usual.

Perhaps the Biden WH is just hoping that what remains of his supporters will consider that to be “taking action” to lower prices.


Carol Roth has thoughts on this:



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