Bette Midler tries to dunk on SCOTUS, does an Islamophobia instead

Not content with using inflammatory, “exclusionary” (well, at least according to many of the people she claims to be such an ally to) language to try to make a point about her feelings on the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, Bette Midler decided to throw in a dash of Islamophobia.

See for yourself:

Maybe it’s just us, but it doesn’t seem like the best idea to suggest that because you think a decision is bad it must be … Islam’s fault?

Apparently it’s not just us:

We’d bet money that Midler will be shocked to find out this nasty little Photoshop is not having the effect she intended.

It’s a good question. What’s the problem with that? For some reason we doubt we’ll get an answer.

You would think after the dragging she got over her completely bungled attempt at decrying the perfectly constitutional decision to return the regulation of abortion to the states, she would think a little harder about how her tweets come across.

You would be wrong:

Maybe she’s going for a trifecta? What’s up next, telling women to just breastfeed if they can’t find baby formula?

Oh wait, she already did that one.

We see this over and over … insulated, out-of-touch celebrities who seem to feel that it’s okay to be casually -ist in the name of whatever cause they’re championing.

Nope. Not even a little.

Maybe someone needs to take this woman’s phone.

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