Best Web3 Marketing Agency: Top 10 Choices for 2022

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Web3 is an entirely new iteration of the world wide web, incorporating big concepts such as decentralization along with token-based economics.

And the marketing tactics that worked for Web2 don’t necessarily work for Web3.

So if you are a Web3 business owner, you’ll need the assistance of an expert Web3 marketing agency to successfully promote your service or product and reach your desired audiences.

We’ve curated the top 10 Web3 marketing agencies and offer guidance on selecting the best one for your blockchain-based business.


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What Is a Web3 Marketing Agency?

Web3 is the latest generation of the Internet, evolving from the previous iteration by incorporating new technology and concepts with a focus on creating a stable and robust infrastructure for all of us.

Web3 puts the power in the hands of individual entities instead of big-shot corporations.

Here’s a brief look at the difference between Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0:

  • Web 1.0 (1989-2005) is a read-only web where people can read information written on websites.
  • Web 2.0 (1999-2012) is a read-write web where people can read and write content on websites and applications.
  • Web 3.0 (2006-ongoing) is a read-write-interact web (powered by artificial intelligence) where people can read, write and interact with content, including 3D graphics, on websites and apps.

Web3 technologies help people have more control over their data, creating a decentralized version of the world wide web. It offers more data security and privacy, which keeps the risk of hacking at bay.

Consider these stats:

  • 81% of consumers agree that Web3 is a technology focused on making their lives happier and improving overall well-being.
  • The concept of Web3 is gradually gaining popularity in the market and getting around 195,000 Google searches per month.
  • Moreover, over 438 Web3 companies have raised around $4.5 billion in funding.

Because so much about Web 3.0 is new and unfamiliar, it’s a good idea to hire an agency that understands this new space well.

A web3 marketing agency is a company that specializes in the digital promotion of blockchain-based products and services to create high-value web3 marketing campaigns.

To reach your project goals, such as driving more traffic, converting more subscribers, and generating more monthly recurring revenue, a web3 marketing firm leverages various strategies such as search engine optimization, PR marketing, search engine advertising, influencer marketing, etc.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Web3 Marketing Agencies?

Here are a few advantages of leveraging the power of Web 3 agencies.

Professional Guidance

A Web3 marketing agency team thoroughly understands your business goals and suggests a relevant and competitive crypto promotion strategy to reach your target audience in the shortest possible time. When you work with NFT and crypto marketing experts, you receive professional guidance to build a passionate community around your crypto products.

Better Understanding of the Latest Market Trends

A Web3 marketing agency excels in promoting crypto and NFT businesses as they have a good grasp of all the latest blockchain marketing trends. More importantly, you want an agency that specializes in web3 marketing from a proven team of web2 marketing professionals.

Minimized Overall Costs

When you decide to take your brand’s marketing into your own hands without actual tactical knowledge, you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of money making mistakes. When you hire an expert team to run your marketing campaigns for you, you’ll rest easy that they’ll get the job done faster, more effectively and at a lower cost.

Higher Return on Investments

Web3 marketing professionals know their industry inside and out and leveraging tried and tested creative promotional tactics helps you reach the right audience. Thus, they can amplify your business’ scalability while maintaining a high ROAS on ads and ROI in general.

Reliability & Transparency

Web3 marketing agencies send you regular work reports to keep everything transparent. You get a complete idea of where your money is being spent. You can also reach out to your account manager wherever there is confusion or you have questions. Therefore, Web3 agencies offer reliable service with complete transparency.

Embrace Change

Web3 marketing firms work with multiple clients at once. Hence, it becomes easy for these agencies to evaluate your business type, nature and industry, along with recommending specific changes that will enhance the competitiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Easy Access to Great Tools

Marketing agencies that specialize in web 3.0 have access to intelligent marketing automation tools to promote your crypto and NFT projects. You don’t have to spend extra money to subscribe to these tools because everything is included in the agency pricing. Hence, you can benefit from top automation tools at reduced pricing when you partner with a leading Web3 marketing company.

Results Tracking

You require precisely organized reports to make informed decisions. Web3 marketing firms provide comprehensive reports to ease the process of framing competitive strategies that will help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competitors.

Save You Precious Time

Without professional help from Web3 marketing firms, you will waste a lot of time trying multiple marketing strategies to figure out which works best for your business based on its nature, scale and industry.

But with the help of an agency, you will directly implement the best strategy because they thoroughly understand your business and will recommend a tailor-made competitive plan for your business.

Provide Quality Service

Reputable web 3.0 agencies have typically been in the market for years and their team of highly qualified professionals knows the market dynamics thoroughly. An agency performs various functions for your brand, including:

  • market size mapping and market growth forecasting
  • analyzing the latest market trends
  • customer segmentation
  • conducting in-depth competitor analysis
  • thoroughly understanding the business environment
  • executing a competitive strategy that offers the best results

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Top 10 Web3 Marketing Agencies

Here are the 10 best Web3 marketing agencies:

1) Single Grain

Single Grain - web3, crypto, blockchain, NFT marketing agency

Single Grain is a leading full-service digital marketing agency and Web 3.0 marketing agency that can amplify your revenue with personalized blockchain marketing strategies.

They have major brands like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Bittrex, Polymath and Blockgeeks as their clients. A successful agency for over a decade, they offer web3 marketing from a proven team of web2 marketing professionals.

Their team of Web3 marketing specialists are experts in creating strategies for Web3 products. They have prepared award-winning digital promotion strategies for crypto brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Single Grain founder Eric Siu and team created and launched his own NFT project with the mission to build the next generation of entrepreneurs, so they have specific, hands-on experience.

Key Services:

  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing
  • Token distribution strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) consulting
  • NFT marketing
  • Decentralized applications (dApps marketing)
  • Community building and management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Paid promotion
  • PR strategy and marketing

Single Grain specializes in:

  • Their core Web 3.0 specialization includes SEO, content marketing, community marketing, paid ads, infuencer marketing, and social media marketing.
  • Single Grain offers result-oriented NFT marketing strategies to grow and promote your NFTs on multiple platforms.
  • They are specialized in driving growth to your crypto and blockchain project through a 360-degree growth plan.
  • Their social media experts help you build and manage communities over platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.
  • They offer custom growth plans and strategies as per your project’s goals.

Top Clients:

  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Bittrex
  • Polymath
  • Blockgeeks

Pricing: Single Grain offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

Check out Single Grain founder Eric Siu’s video How Web3 Will Change Marketing Forever:

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2) Coinbound


Coinbound is a crypto marketing agency based in Manhattan that helps blockchain and NFT brands grow online. They have created successful marketing campaigns for major brands like Cosmos, Voyager, CoinStats, and many more.

Coinbound was established in 2017, and since then, they have been helping crypto companies reach more customers.

Key Services:

  • Influencer and thought-leader marketing
  • Community building and management over Twitter and Discord
  • Web3 PR services
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web3 blog management

Coinbound specializes in:

  • Helping you rank on Google through Web3 search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.
  • They have a team of dedicated community management experts that help brands build and manage Discord and Twitter.
  • Coinbound has contacts with many large publishers, media networks and influencers that help you get coverage on multiple platforms.
  • They have a team of content producers that crafts blogs, pitches, announcements, press releases and other types of content for your crypto project.

Top Clients:

  • Cosmos
  • Voyager
  • Etoro
  • CoinStats
  • OKCoin
  • Metamask

Pricing: Coinbound offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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3) Crowdcreate


With more than five years’ working in the Web3 industry, Crowdcreate is a leading crypto and blockchain growth marketing agency. It was also awarded as “Top Crypto Marketing Firm” by Forbes.

Crowdcreate has successfully helped over 500 crypto projects and helped them raise $250 million. It is an award-winning Web 3.0 company that develops high-end solutions for enterprise clients.

Key Services:

  • NFT strategy consulting
  • Community building
  • Influencer/PR marketing
  • Investor marketing
  • Web3 viral referral marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Web3 community management
  • Token management

Crowdcreate specializes in:

  • Helping promote crypto and blockchain projects through influencer marketing on various social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit.
  • Their PR team can secure your brand coverage across multiple platforms.
  • They help build and manage crypto and NFT communities on different channels like Discord, Reddit, and Telegram.
  • As a Web3 marketing strategist, Crowdcreate helps you reach more customers through video marketing.
  • Crowdcreate has partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading influencers, media platforms, and content creators to offer exponential growth to your project.
  • They support almost every blockchain, including Solana, Ethereum, Binance, and others.

Top Clients:

  • Solana
  • Pastel
  • Casper
  • Cyperium
  • Bezant
  • Cointelegraph

Contact Details: +14245320801

Pricing: Crowdcreate offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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4) Blockwiz


Blockwiz was established in 2019 to help crypto and blockchain brands. It has a team of 70 crypto experts, including writers, designers and strategists. They have successfully completed over 700 crypto campaigns.

They are an award-winning Web3 marketing agency that has won various awards like Global Business Awards by corporate vision, Best Crypto Advertising, and Top-Rated ICO Marketing Agencies by SoftwareWorld.

Key Services:

  • Discord and Telegram community management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Crypto content writing
  • Search engine optimization
  • PR and sponsored articles
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Crypto video creation

Blockwiz specializes in:

  • Showcasing your brand worldwide through PR and sponsored articles. It has a collaboration with AMB Crypto and
  • Their SEO experts offer comprehensive crypto SEO audit, content optimization, and reporting. They determine the best keywords to target to bring a highly relevant audience for maximum conversions.
  • Blockwiz employs a team of professional video creators that are specialized in creating videos for the promotion of crypto and blockchain products.
  • Their team of social media professionals determine the best social media platforms to promote your blockchain products. They manage your social media profiles to grow your online communities for higher customer engagement.
  • Blockwiz helps you sell your NFT projects by promoting them over social media platforms using top industry influencers.
  • They have a team of expert PPC professionals who aim to double your conversion rate and reduce your cost per click.

Top Clients:

  • Uniris
  • Sugar Bounce
  • Mosaico
  • Hubble
  • Cobidex
  • CryptoBiz

Contact Details: [email protected]

Pricing: Blockwiz offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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5) Lunar Strategy


Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency that specializes in Metaverse and Web3. They were awarded as the Top-Rated ICO Marketing Agencies by Software Word and Top Blockchain Development Company by GoodFirms.

They are a Google Partner Web3 marketing agency that has a team of crypto enthusiasts that are always up to date with new market trends in the crypto and blockchain world.

Key Services:

  • Paid ads marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram and others
  • Social media management
  • PR and influencer marketing
  • Community building
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Exchange listing

Lunar Strategy specializes in:

  • Getting more leads to your crypto and blockchain projects through paid ads on Google and other leading social media platforms.
  • Lunar Strategy regularly engages with your audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by posting quality content.
  • They help you grow your Twitter, Discord, and Telegram community by engaging with the audience, posting Q/A sessions, and scheduling giveaways.
  • Their PR marketing team can help you publish sponsored articles, press releases, and announcements about your crypto project.
  • Their exchange listing team also helps you boost your newly created cryptocurrency by listing it on online platforms such as, Binance, and Coinbase.
  • They offer seamless email marketing strategies to reach your target audience.
  • Lunar strategy offers landing page optimization services to drive relevant traffic that converts to sales.

Top Clients:

  • JPEGaault
  • Dark Frontier
  • Nobility Token
  • Kounotori
  • PixelPix
  • Game Starter

Contact Details: [email protected]

Pricing: Lunar Strategy offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

6) Ninja Promo


Ninja Promo is a Web3 marketing agency specializing in the effective brand positioning and messaging of your Web3 products.

They are an award-winning Web3 agency named the #1 ICO Marketing Firm by GoodFirms, Top ICO Agencies by SoftwareWorld, and Best Fintech Marketing Agencies by Fintech Drift.

Key Services:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Influencer marketing
  • Product coverage in leading crypto publications
  • Full-stack blockchain development.
  • Paid social marketing
  • Video production
  • Mobile app development
  • Organic social media promotion

Ninja Promo specializes in:

  • Their social media management team offers 24/7 community management to engage prospects for maximum engagement.
  • Ninja Promo creates a complete marketing roadmap for your crypto products for better brand positioning.
  • They offer fully-managed influencer partnerships to negotiate influencer contracts to drive the best ROI from influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Their strategic SEO services establish your brand as an authority in your niche. They offer effective SEO brand positioning to reach prospects at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • Ninja Promo has expertise in Fintech PR and crypto PR. They have an extensive network of crypto publications for NFT brand promotion.
  • They also have experience developing mobile apps and tailored blockchain development solutions that are highly functional and secured.

Top Clients:

  • Trust Wallet
  • Dash
  • Dopamine
  • BlankSocial
  • BitForex
  • IronFX

Contact Details: [email protected]

Pricing: Ninja Promo offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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7) Rehab Agency


Rehab Agency is a group of web marketers who were brought together by a common interest in helping others. They are on a mission to help crypto and blockchain businesses grow their projects online.

This Web3 marketing agency has professional crypto experts dealing in cryptocurrencies, NFT and ICO marketing solutions. Their team is building metaverse projects for leading brands like Nike, Fox and Facebook.

Key Services:

  • Consumer research
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Content creation
  • Community building
  • Web3 application design
  • Social media management

Rehab Agency specializes in:

  • Helping you with consumer research, road mapping, rapid prototyping, and building a Web3 stack strategy for your crypto products.
  • They have a user research and testing team to help you design purposeful solutions in Web3/metaverse.
  • Rehab Agency specializes in creating content that helps you acquire leads from channels like social media posts, sponsored articles, and website blogs.
  • Their Public Relations (PR) team has contacts with industry-leading media platforms and influencers to help you acquire trusted and relevant media mentions.
  • Their social media management team for community building on leading crypto platforms such as Twitter and Discord.

Top Clients:

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Warner Media
  • Nike
  • Spotify
  • Vodafone

Contact Details: [email protected]

Pricing: Rehab Agency offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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8) Kryptonite


Kryptonite is a specialist token and NFT marketing agency that is aimed at helping Web3 brands. They have more than 20 years of experience in the crypto and blockchain world.

Kryptonite has completed over 190 crypto projects and has a 20% engagement rate for its campaigns.

Key Services:

  • Social media advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Website design
  • Storytelling

Kryptonite specializes in:

  • They have an experienced team of paid ad professionals to run ads on leading crypto, NFT, and DeFi platforms. They specialize in running Quora, LinkedIn, and YouTube ads.
  • They offer mass marketing that enables crypto brands to send millions of messages to crypto and NFT followers on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Discord.
  • They have a dedicated team of content and video creators that help you stand out from the crowd.
  • They will help you manage all your social media communities to drive the highest levels of engagement.
  • Kryptonite has collaborations with leading crypto outlets from Yahoo Finance to Cointelegraph.

Top Clients:

  • Gotbit
  • Binance
  • BitMart
  • Hacken
  • Cointelegraph
  • Yahoo Finance

Contact Details: [email protected]

Pricing: Kryptonite offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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9) CryptoArmy


CryptoArmy is another popular Web 3 marketing agency with a proven track record of success in helping its clients achieve their marketing goals.

Their DeFi marketing experts are well-versed in the latest Web3 marketing trends and can tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each crypto client. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or generate leads, CryptoArmy has a solution to meet your business goals.

Key Services:

  • NFT and crypto promotion strategy
  • Crypto community management
  • PR marketing
  • Social media management
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Content creation

CryptoArmy specializes in:

  • They provide a full range of crypto marketing services to support crypto and blockchain businesses in growing their brands and increasing their traffic, sales and conversions.
  • Their crypto team can help you with content creation, community management, community development, and influencer marketing.
  • Their SEO experts have the skills and experience to help you drive traffic to your website and make the most out of your presence on the internet.
  • CryptoArmy is experienced in leveraging guerrilla marketing tactics such as bounty competitions, sales agents contests, Shiller contests, and mailing campaigns to help your blockchain project successfully stand out.
  • They are experienced in building attractive, user-friendly web interfaces and landing pages for paid ad promotion across several cryptos and NFT platforms.

Top Clients:

  • EcoWatt
  • Afrostar
  • ESP Coin
  • Nexxt Gaming Guild
  • Decentralized Metaverse Mall
  • Cyborg86 NFT

Contact Details: [email protected]

Pricing: CryptoArmy offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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ICODA is a leading crypto marketing agency that has several years of experience in handling Web3 brands. They have helped a wide range of blockchain and crypto-related businesses to attract paying customers successfully.

They are passionate about the potential of the blockchain and crypto industries, and they are committed to helping their clients succeed in this space.

Key Services:

  • NFT promotion and consulting
  • YouTube and Twitter influencer promotion
  • Top listings on leading crypto ranking platforms
  • Cryptocurrency/blockchain website creation
  • Blockchain PR marketing
  • White paper development
  • Telegram promotion

ICODA specializes in:

  • ICODA has hands-on experience in crypto marketing. They have a portfolio of hundreds of projects, including many successful ICOs.
  • They have a team of social media experts to help your brand get noticed by building a community on Twitter and Discord.
  • ICODA helps you attract funding for your crypto business by listing your token on different crypto websites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • Their crypto PR team is specialized in creating personalized PR strategies for your project.
  • They help you promote your NFT projects through paid advertising, social media marketing, PRs, and video creation.

Top Clients:

  • Huobi Global
  • Bosagora
  • Infinito Wallet
  • Paycent
  • SwissBorg
  • PrimeXBT

Contact Details: [email protected]

Pricing: ICODA offers custom pricing plans as per your business goals and requirements.

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How to Choose the Best Web3 Marketing Agencies

Every marketing agency is different and, thus, not every one will be ideal for your brand or crypto project. Some may specialize to narrowly, or some may be too out of your budget. Hence, you must always pick a digital marketing agency that aligns with your business goals.

Here are a few common factors to keep in mind while selecting the right Web3 marketing agency for you:

Thoroughly Research the Agency

Before signing with any agency, it is essential to conduct in-depth research about that agency regarding their performance and results for their previous clients, their client testimonials, and how they have helped their clients achieve their business goals.

In addition, take a look at their case studies or check the ratings and reviews on websites like Clutch or G2. Before deciding to go ahead with any agency, check their authenticity and legitimacy.

Ask Questions

Communicating with an agency about the problems you face and your expectations in terms of deliverables is crucial. While speaking with them, make sure they have the skills and experience to help you achieve your business goals.

Consider asking a few questions, such as:

  • Which are the ad platforms you use?
  • Which tools do you use to measure progress?
  • What are the various modes of communication?
  • Do you have a team of in-house professionals or do you outsource the work to freelancers?
  • How do you select KPIs?
  • Do you assign a dedicated account manager?

Answering the above questions will help you gauge the experience of the Web3 marketing agency.

Understand the Payment Structure

Understanding the payment structure of any agency is probably the most vital aspect you must consider. Every agency charges on a different pricing model. Some might charge based on projects, some on KPIs, while others charge based on performance.

Be sure that you are totally clear about the campaign set-up fees and monthly account handling fees. In addition to that, insist on clear communication about any hidden costs.

Verify the Agency’s Transparency & Authenticity

Your agency should offer you easy-to-understand reports related to the performance of your campaigns. They should submit clear and accurate information using KPIs to measure the overall performance of your advertisements.

You must be attentive and alert to find any loopholes in the suggested reporting system offered by the agency. If you find any loopholes or vague wording, look for another web3 marketing agency.

Full Stack vs. Specialized

Knowing that the agency you are considering is specialized or full-stack competitive is vital. Such an agency will specialize in a smaller selection of skills. In contrast, a full-stack marketing agency will know the back and forth of efficiently marketing your offerings on the web.

Consider Multiple Options

It is always a good idea to consider a few options instead of going with the agency that someone in your close circle recommended. Ask for quotes from multiple agencies, their reporting systems, the charging models, and all the other essential aspects that will determine your online brand’s success.

Ready to Hire a Top Web3 Marketing Agency?

Selecting a top Web3 marketing firm will give you a competitive edge in your target industry. You should always be proactive in choosing an agency because the marketing investment you will be making will last for years.

Need help promoting your crypto products? Get in touch with Single Grain! Our expert crypto marketing professionals will help you get the best returns on your marketing investment.

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