August: your marketing trends report | Hallam

With so much uncertainty in the current landscape, make sure your marketing strategy is as prepared as it can be.

The race for the British Prime Minister and an impending recession threaten the current macro landscape, with predictions that were made by marketers at beginning of the year constantly evolving. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to stay on top of your marketing strategy. Not only do economical and political affairs need to be considered by marketeers, but changes to the internet, including the inevitable death of third-party cookies, need to be monitored and factored into any successful strategy plan.

Time machines may not exist yet, but we’re offering you the next best thing

Our strategy team are here to save the day with another monthly trends report, keeping you up to date with everything changing in the marketing world.

This month they cover:

  1. Google delays blocking third-party cookies again, now targeting late 2024
  2. Closing the gap between digital marketing spend and performance
  3. Sana’s B2B e-commerce report
  4. Winback campaigns and 3 strategies to get started
  5. Channel specific updates

Download August’s marketing trends report via the form below. Want our strategy team to give you an extra helping hand? Get in touch.

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