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One of the items on my summer bucket list this year was to intentionally plan how I spend my days, as a way to have a better relationship with the passing of time. We’re so busy with our kids, family, friends, and work that it’s easy to miss moments as they’re happening. There have been periods of my life where I’ve found myself looking back, unable to remember where the time went. It’s so disconcerting to have days, weeks, and months go by in a flash.

To begin to mend this relationship with the passing of time, I’ve become much more intentional about planning things ahead of time, based on my values. By planning my time around what actually matters to me most, I’ve found myself more thoughtfully experiencing life rather than simply letting things happen to me.

This August on Wit & Delight, our theme is about planting seeds.

It’s about planning and organizing our lives around values we want to foster, goals we want to meet, and experiences we want to prioritize.

August is a time to prepare for the impending fresh start of the fall season. It’s a time to revisit any goals we may have made for ourselves earlier in the year and think through how we can bring them to (or closer to) fruition. It’s a time to consider what we want the rest of the year to hold.

I’m already in this mindset of planning and organization, which is far from my natural inclination. I have my kids’ school calendars written down and we’re already talking about our plans for the holidays. I’m also aiming to make progress on some of the bigger W&D projects I’ve had in the works.

Begin to plant the seeds for the life you want, no matter how small they may be at the start. Your future self will thank you.

As we enter August, I encourage you to consider the ways in which planting seeds has benefited you in life. In what ways has preparation and forethought led to better outcomes? What goals are most important to you right now? What small steps can you begin to take that will put you on the path to achieving them?

Begin to plant the seeds for the life you want, no matter how small they may be at the start. Your future self will thank you.

This August on W&D, I’ll be sharing my weekly work routine, my thoughts on our kitchen remodel after one year of living with it, and the process (and reveal) of our basement fireplace project. I’ll also be sharing a wrap-up post on my spending freeze and the fresh perspective on spending I’ll be keeping in mind going forward. Stay tuned for this and oh so much more throughout the month ahead!

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