Andrew Neil Resigns as GB News Chairman and Presenter

GB News has just been informed of the inevitable: Andrew Neil has resigned as chairman and will step down as a presenter.

“This is to let you know that the board has accepted Andrew Neil’s resignation as chairman today and agreed that he will step down as a presenter of GB News. He will continue to appear as a twice-weekly commentator, starting tonight on Nigel’s show.

Andrew said he is sorry to leave but that after reflection during the summer he feels it’s time to reduce his many commitments.

I know many of you will feel incredibly disappointed by this, as I do. Andrew joined GB News 12 months ago and signed a multi-year contract so we hoped he’d stay longer.

Andrew shared our vision for GB News. He knew instinctively that many Brits, especially beyond London, were crying out for a trusted, accurate news channel that stands for tolerance, diversity, free speech, and fair debate.

That mission, enshrined in our Editorial Charter, has not changed and never will.

Andrew helped set our tone, our purpose, even our launch date. He has been integral to every major programming and hiring decision.
In his absence from the newsroom, I’ve watched in awe as you have pulled GB News together. As I said in my note to you last Monday, we’re moving at warp speed: three new shows last week, two more this week, national radio, and more great things in the pipeline.

Again, it’s thanks to you, who have all worked so hard over the summer, that we are unrecognisable from launch: brighter, stronger, and more self-assured in every way.

I’d like to thank Colin Brazier in particular for hosting Andrew’s programme so brilliantly, proving night after night that he is one of the finest journalists of his generation.

We’re already making our mark as a cheerful, fearless, and open-minded voice that dares to stand up for Britons who simply want to hear all sides, including theirs, in the national conversation. We made a promise to them and it’s one we will keep.”

Interesting passive aggressive line: “Andrew joined GB News 12 months ago and signed a multi-year contract so we hoped he’d stay longer.”

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