Americans Erupt As Trump Says He’s Financially Supporting J6 Defendants

Trump is getting ripped for stating that he is financially supporting his supporters who attacked the Capitol.

Trump said: “So I met with a number of fans, but I met with (sic), and I’m financially supporting people that are incredible, [Referencing January 6th rioters]… contributions should be made. 

“And they were in my office actually two days ago. It’s very much on my mind. It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them, what they’ve done to these people. It’s disgraceful and, and mostly, I mean, you know, it’s firemen, they’re policemen, there are people in the military. There are people that were, you know, you look at what took place with the police where there are ushering them in and so many different things.”

Trump also called “radical leftists” “sick,” and assured the country that “there’s something wrong with them, and nobody’s ever seen anything like this.”

Then swiveled back to say: “I think that’s probably going to be the best because even if they go for the two months or six months and you know they have sentences that go a lot longer than that, but we’ll be looking very, very seriously at full pardons. Because we can’t let that happen here, and I mean full pardons with an apology to many,

Trump is correct in never having seen anything like this, having to prosecute hundreds that tried to stop Congress altogether, violently. Only to then have a potential president say that those are the good people who should be left alone.

To answer a question that is rattling all over the electric Twitter machine, no – Trump’s financial contributions do not constitute seditious conspiracy. Let’s set that aside right now. Seditious conspiracy happens prior to or contemporaneous with an attack of some kind on the United States government. There is no clause about giving “aid or comfort to enemies…” The fact that Trump says that he’s financially supporting and considering pardoning (if he’s elected again) all January 6th criminals is horrific, however. Even worse, it might also be telling.

His announcement certainly indicates whose side he’s on, and it forces one to wonder if Trump is signaling potential future “rioters in the streets” that Lindsy Graham assured were coming if Trump is charged. No one doubts that Trump and his team are counting upon intimidating the administration and DOJ into believing that it will be just too painful for the nation to charge Trump. It is likely that the FBI and DHS are evaluating Trump’s statement and considering whether this is Trump is promising to take care of people who “war” in the streets on his behalf if charged. He is confidently saying that he’ll be president again and will be handing out pardons left and right.

Green light?

It is scary because, to a trained ear, it sounds like that’s exactly what he’s doing.  It’s odd that Trump would take time out from bashing the Justice Department over his search and the court rulings in the Florida case to go back and “sympathize” with the last rioters. Some January 6th “troops” felt abandoned by Trump. Maybe Trump is assuring his army that he’ll be there for them.

Scary. And Twitter reacted accordingly:

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