Ukraine must surely qualify not only as the world’s most corrupt nation but also its most dangerous.

Many would point to other countries who are more likely to start trouble for the human community on this planet, those such as Iran, but I am here to argue otherwise.

Modern Iran however, has some salient points in common with Ukraine in the matter of their birth. The most modern versions of both nations were born in violence, insurrection and revolution.

Violence, fear and grotesque levels of threat permeate the upper echelons of the Ukrainian power-structure since its fracturing in 2014. With the ultra-violent insurrection which took place over the winter months of 2013-14 and the destruction of its democratic norms a savage chaos permeated all areas of Ukrainian society where the most ambitious laid their plans for taking power.

Those with wealth in Ukraine saw their chance to establish their own personal security while fearing the ability of their peers to grab it first and disadvantage them. Each one of them began financing the most violent cadres that has successfully brought down the democratically elected president and government through acts of mass violence in 2014. Thus arose the so-called ‘volunteer battalions’ the most infamous of which is ‘AZOV’. Without the vast financing available to the super-rich oligarchs of Ukraine they could never have risen to their present status.

AZOV and those like them wield immense power through their unbridled willingness to use the most extreme forms of violence against anyone they consider stands in their way. This is irrespective of whether at any particular time they are conceived of as friend or foe. If the combined leadership of the European Union or members of the administration of the United States think of them as ‘on their side’, they could not be more wrong.

AZOV and those like them have no side other than that of those who believe like them that all power should reside within Ukraine and that any individual or entity seeks to or appears to minimise the power of Ukrainian nationalism then that individual entity deserves no better than death, and not necessarily a speedy one.

This is the genie that was unleashed on the world after the Maidan insurrection, one clothed in black, bearing a gun, wearing emblems of the SS and usually sporting a swastika tattoo. And as with the mythical genies of the past this one will do everything possible to resist being put back in the bottle. Just as al Qaeda or ISIS members go willingly to their deaths for their ‘cause’ so the rabid fanatics of AZOV and their ilk are minded within a fierce devotion to their cause to do likewise.

The above statement is true however, only in battle. As was seen at the denouement of the confrontation with AZOV & Co in Mariupol where such forces existed in the “catacombs” of the Azovstal Steel Works, in other situations where they are not given the opportunity to fight, they will, eventually, surrender. Only of course to be eventually targeted by others of their kind, or just possibly by the regular Ukrainian army. Like the fanatics of the Japanese army during the second world war, surrender brings dishonour.

The Nazi “ideals” are at times eschewed in favour of the Nordic mythologies surrounding the Vikings. This is another violent underpinning for such people and subsequently their reading matter and favoured tattoos other than ‘Mein Kampf’ and swastikas have been Nordic myths and symbolic runes. These are the men who travelled to eastern Ukraine when the regular troops of the Ukrainian army proved squeamish when ordered to kill their fellow Ukrainians. The AZOV men and their militia friends were only too willing to oblige.

It is no accident or result of flawed GPS coordinates that residential tower blocks, hospitals, polyclinics, schools and other multi-storied buildings were hit by incessant mortar shells during the years 2014 and 2015. For the AZOV mentality- imbued recruits fresh from the Maidan doing their utmost to kill or injure lightly-armed young policemen, those they were targeting were ALL Russians. You must understand the depth of the simplistic thinking involved. These were men of western Ukraine, brought up to deliver the well known Sieg Heil salute, brought up with the belief that the Nazis had offered freedom from the yoke of Stalin’s Soviet Union. They had swallowed this entire bookended reality where nuance was completely driven out by the absolute of ultra-nationalism.

For them therefore the people of the Donbass, the region of eastern Ukraine that had risen up immediately after their own rising and who spoke Russia, who had inter-married for generations with Russians just across their border and who therefore had been “infested” with the alien, Russian gene, WERE Russians. Every last one of them. Every unborn baby, every child, every teenager, father, mother or grandfather. All, for them, had no right to be in THEIR Ukraine, they were an infestation deserving only to die. They were RUSSIANS.

Didn’t they chant together in their tens of thousands in Lviv while brandishing their torches “Russians on Knives!”? Weren’t these ‘Moskals’ as they called them the lowest sucking subhumans possible, traitors and abominations? Naturally it is very difficult for the average westerner to conceive of such a savage and unmitigated hate that these black-clad, swastika-bearing, demons of ultra-nationalism bore always and unswervingly in their hearts. Do you perhaps understand a little better now why the pro-Russian, Russian-speaking majority in eastern Ukraine rose as they did to save themselves after the events on Kiev’s Maidan?

For you such people as those imbued with such sadistic longings to kill, not the infidel, as is the case with ISIS fanatics, but in this case ‘Russians’. Any Russians… Ukrainian Russians, though that term would be anathema to these people such is the absolute hatred with which they perceive them. That an estimated 15,000 died in the years between 2014 and now should no longer surprise you considering that these militants were empowered through providing them with every weapon available.

As I have said above, the Ukrainian army at the time of the largely peaceful uprising by the Russian-speaking majority in 2014 was weak, underfunded and virtually untrained for decades. They lacked the skills or the will to kill effectively. The first president of the new regime therefore stiffened that army with the highly motivated young men who had honed their skills using every form of weapon available to them on the Maidan. And they proved highly effective at killing civilians. When the Donbass began forming a self-defence force things changed radically.

The self-defence forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics assisted by help from Russian advisers and volunteers from across the border eventually roundly defeated the Ukrainian forces and from 2015 onward maintained some semblance of peace for the residents there, intermittently broken by mortar, missile and sniper fire by the Ukrainian forces including the militants surrounding them. This relative stalemate requiring constant vigilance was maintained from then until now. Even now however those same Ukrainian forces fire multiple shells and mines into the civilian heart of Donetsk City. The mentality of hate has remained unchanged all these eight years long.

The Minsk Agreements were meant to bring peace and reconciliation but in fact were only a ruse by successive Ukrainian regimes to buy time with which to re-arm, massively enlarge and professionally train their troops. And to build the most in-depth series of defensive lines including the most extensive trench systems seen since world war one. Also to re-equip and be provided with the most high-tech weapons available from NATO, to drill with NATO and to be trained in all ways including tactics by NATO with Ukraine becoming a de facto NATO state.

Watch any interview with AZOV troops you can find and if they are asked why they chose AZOV rather than the regular Ukrainian army you will hear a variety of answers. One of those is that they have a chance to be far more radical, another is that they cannot be ordered to obey people they do not respect or trust. Only the chosen few are worthy. Those within the exclusive Nazi-riddled mentality, with the Viking spirit and desire to kill all Russians, Moskals included, and above all the holy dedication to Ukraine and only Ukraine, a Ukraine above all others.

These are the men (and women) who believe it is their mission and duty to expunge all that does not conform to their precepts of the truly Ukrainian, a white race of remorseless warriors dedicated to wiping out all else and all that might obstruct their rise to what they consider to be their destiny, to save and rule with the iron fist of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism. These men in composite are the vengeful and ultra-violent beast that was born on Maidan and who make Ukraine the most dangerous nation on the planet.


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