85-year-old actor obtains pilot license

The 85-year-old Wang Deshun steers a small plane. (Photo/China News Service)

(ECNS) — Wang Deshun, a 85-year-old Chinese actor, gained his pilot license in August, 2021 after finishing a 40-minute flight in Beijing, becoming the oldest person to undertake flight training in China.

White-bearded Wang has been dubbed “China’s coolest grandpa” for challenging himself all his life. At 44, he learnt English and at 50, began fitness training. He learnt to ride a horse at 65, to ride a motorcycle at 78, and hit the catwalk at 79.

“I’ve been dreaming of flying for more than 50 years, so I thought I should learn. I thought I could do this,” said Wang.

His physical stats proved sufficient to apply for a flight license due to his many years of exercise. At Miyun Airport in Beijing, he was guided by a professional team that drew up a customized training plan for him.

The airport also provided him thoughtful training in ground service, catering, accommodation, etc.

At the beginning of August, Wang started his trial flight after a period of theory.

On Aug. 17, Wang completed his first period of flight training and steered a small plane across the long-dreamt-of sky.

“Age is never a hurdle when trying new activities,” said Wang.

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