8 Healthy Hair Habits That Needs to Be Involved from Today!

Bad hair days are a bummer, and we get that! But unfortunately, it’s the truth and cannot be treated as a joke. But some people take their hair for granted and they pay them no mind until they start noticing hair thinning, split ends, hair falling out, etc. But wait, then the damage has been done and the best you can do is you can take some measures to help hair to grow faster and healthier.

Your hair is super delicate, but it should be handled with love and care. If you want to have smooth and healthy hair, start by learning the right and wrong way to treat strands well. You should also cut your bleach appointments and heat styling and adopting good habits should be there! From swapping shampoos and conditioners every once in a while to using a lot of chemical products and appliances on hair, there are a lot of mistakes that you should avoid and ignore! When it comes to your hair, your hair health shouldn’t compromise and thus we advise you to incorporate some healthy habits such as the use of natural products like onion conditioner, shampoo, a rich diet, good combs etc.

Therefore, to give your hair the ultimate and amazing makeover, scroll down to know some of the great healthy hair habits that you should adopt right now!

Healthy Habits to Incorporate & Take Hair Seriously!

There are a lot of factors that depend on making your hair strong and healthy. Not every shampoo and conditioner you use might be helping your hair. We agree that hair locks are what you are born with but a lot of it has to also be done in how well you treat them. With minor tweaks to your hair care routine, maintaining great hair should be effortless and thus we have a few healthy habits that you should start following right away!

1. Intake water-rich foods

Your body needs a great amount of water for all kinds of things such as warming up, flushing out toxins, and digestion too. Hair loss is also one of the side effects of drinking less water because if you intake less amount of it, your body won’t be able to produce enough oil for your hair resulting in dull and dry hair.

2. Say No to Bad Hair products

While you should not eliminate all your hair products, still you should be aware of some hair products that you want to use and their ingredients. You should always pay attention to those with parabens, silicones, and mineral oils. If you can, you should try to buy products containing natural ingredients such as Shikakai, Shea Butter, Onion seed oil, Moringa, etc.

3. Hair trimming every 6 weeks is a must

Like every other body part of yours, your hair requires some good maintenance. You should trim it regularly so that your hair doesn’t tangle or get too long. If you don’t wish to trim your hair every 6 weeks, you should at least get a haircut when needed or you notice some split ends.

4. Less usage of heat on your hair

One of the best ways of maintaining your hair healthy and good-looking is by avoiding excessive heat as it can cause damage to the cuticle and force it to frizz and curl. If you want to avoid the damage caused by heat, you can protect your hair with natural products such as Shikakai, moringa, onion seed oil, etc.

5. Don’t take hot showers

While it may feel amazing to take a hot shower after a long tiring day, it might not end up doing very great for your hair and scalp. It’s always good to use lukewarm water as it works wonders for your hair and scalp while not drying it or making your hair look frizzy!

6. Say No to harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals such as Alcohol can strip off your scalp’s natural oils and make it dry quickly. If you want to have shined and healthy hair, you should avoid chemical-based products and stick with mild shampoos and conditioners!

7. Intake fat and protein

Protein is an important nutrient when it comes to maintaining long and beautiful hair. Thus, you should incorporate and increase the intake of protein from sources such as dairy, dish, chicken, and eggs. You will also need some extra fat for long and healthy hair so you might want to include some olive oil, nuts, avocado, etc.

8. Avoid Over-Brushing

Hair brushing every day is a habit but over brushing is something that can damage your hair. Excessive brushing can stretch your hair and lead to weaker ends. And therefore, you should try to brush once a day only and opt for plastic bushes as bristle brushes can be tough on hair too!

Healthy Habits Lead to Healthy Hair

Incorporating healthy hair habits is not that difficult and doesn’t even cost that much. All you need to choose is the right product, avoid harsh chemicals, eat good, and drink more. By adopting these simple and healthy habits, you will be able to get great hair and who doesn’t want that?


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