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Bombay duck also known as bombil is basically a fish and not a duck. It belongs to the lizardfish family and is famous in Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Lakshadweep Sea. The fish is eaten after drying and possesses a very strong odor. They are eaten fried or used in curries just like any other fish recipe. People in India know about this fish and have eaten this fish at least once in their lifetime. 

It has a very good taste but many are still unaware of the various health benefits of Bombay duck. 

Why is Bombay duck regarded as a duck and not a fish?

There are several controversies behind the naming of a fish as “Bombay duck”. There are various stories related to the naming of this fish. 

  1. In India before independence a train named Bombay daak used to carry these fishes. The smell of the fishes were so strong that this fish gained its named as Bombay daak. This cannot be claimed as a true fact as first railroad was made much later.
  2. Robert clive, when he was in his journey to conquer Bengal named this fish as Bombay duck because of its bad smell that was similar to newspapers and mail that would come to Bombay at that time.
  3. People from Mumbai had a love for this fish. This fish is quite fleshy and soft, and is quite similar to the flesh of a duck. As a result this fish got its name as the bombay duck.
  4. A lot people who lived in Bombay during the British Era called this fish Bombay duck. Later on this name became very popular and the local inhabitants started calling it by this name.

The history behind the naming of this fish is still unclear. This name became famous as local inhabitants started calling it by this name. The origin of this name is still not clear.

Health benefits of Bombay duck

Although Bombay duck fish has a very strong pungent odor you will be surprised to see the various health benefits of this fish. If cooked properly the strong odor of this fish gets mixed with the recipe and provides a great taste altogether. 

1. Nutritional information

Bombay duck or bombil is extremely nutritive for one’s health. 100g of dried Bombay fish provides you with 293 Ecal of energy, 60.74g protein, 4g fat, 15g of total minerals, 2g of carbohydrates, 1390mg Calcium, 240mg Phosphorous and 19mg Iron. Shocked? Yes, just 100g of this fish provides so much nutritional value. Along with these, it is also filled up with various vitamins and minerals.

2. Rich in protein

Bombay duck is highly rich in protein. 100g of Bombay duck fish provides you with almost 61g protein which is almost about 60%. The percentage of protein further goes up when the fish is dried and eaten. The protein in this fish helps to repair body muscles and tissues and is also responsible for making hormones and enzymes of the body. In total protein in this fish is necessary for the proper growth and development of the body. 

3. Presence of Omega 3 fatty acids

Bombay duck, just like any other fatty fish contains Omega 3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids ( PUFA ). Omega 3 fatty acids are highly essential for the body. Omega 3 fatty acids in Bombay ducks enhance your heart by reducing bad cholesterol from your body and also helps in reducing blood triglyceride levels. This helps in the prevention of sudden strokes and heart attacks. These omega 3 fatty acids also help in preventing excessive blood clotting. When blood platelets become sticky they tend to clot more often. Omega 3 fatty acids prevent the platelets from getting extra sticky, thus preventing excessive blood clotting. 

4. Great for your bones

The presence of chondroitin sulfate in Bombay duck helps in building the connective tissue, cartilage. This is considered great for people with arthritis. Along with this, Bombay duck is rich in phosphorous and calcium that help in maintaining your bone health and formation of bones. Consumption of this fish is great for people with osteoporosis. Calcium strengthens your bones and phosphorous maintains the skeletal structure of your body. 

5. Rich in Vitamin A 

Bombay duck is actually very rich in Vitamin A. We all know how Vitamin A is important to improve our vision and eyesight. The presence of Vitamin A and Iron in Bombay duck helps in boosting your immunity power which is highly necessary for this pandemic situation.

6. Provides you with great skin and hair

Vitamin A present in Bombay duck acts as a toner for our skin. This fish is also rich in Vitamin B3 which provides us a healthy and glowing skin by maintaining proper metabolism. The presence of other B complex vitamins also helps in maintaining your skin as well as your lips. 

Bombay duck being rich in protein provides us with healthier hair. Protein is necessary to strengthen our hair. The problem of hair fall and damaged hair can be gradually treated by the consumption of Bombay duck. Also, the presence of calcium along with protein helps in making your nails healthier. 

7. High amounts of zinc

The presence of great amounts of zinc in this fish helps in the quick healing of wounds in our bodies. Zinc is also essential in our body to improve the sexual function of our body. Zinc along with phosphorous present in Bombay duck helps in boosting sexual performance. 

8. Rich in Iron

We all know why Iron is required in our body and how it helps us. Bombay duck fish contains a good amount of Iron which helps in regulating our body temperature. Iron is also required to supply the proper amount of oxygen required by the body. Consuming dried Bombay deck rich in iron also helps in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood and thus reduces the risk of developing anemia. 


Yes, Bombay duck fish is a little strange in taste and may not be as tasty as other fish. But if combined with the right spices and cooked well this fish provides you with a unique taste that is addicting. Alongside such health benefits are achieved from the consumption of Bombay which is very rarely found from other food items. 

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