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We all value being appreciated, don’t we? And we will more likely return to the brand that makes us feel important rather than the one that takes its clients for granted. Although it seems pretty obvious, some companies still don’t send customer appreciation emails or don’t pay enough attention to the details of such emails.

This article will discover what details make them special and memorable.

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What is a customer appreciation email?

As you can say from the name, it’s the type of email that companies send to express gratitude to clients.

Customer appreciation email example _ Stripo

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Such messages may be sent to both new and existing customers. Your first-time buyers will need some reassurance in your service, while loyal customers still need a little reward for their dedication. And sometimes appreciation emails help you re-engage those clients who haven’t interacted with your brand for a while.

All you need is to create a thank you email, add some magic, and watch how it impacts customer loyalty.

Reasons to reach out to your customers

There are plenty of reasons to contact your clients: you can send promo emails, collect feedback, invite them to events, and so on. However, by sending these standard messages, you won’t stand out from the crowd of other brands.

We have a solution for you. You may start by adding a bit of appreciation to your ordinary emails, which will definitely make a difference.

A few occasions for your customer appreciation emails:

  1. Signing up/registration/subscription.

  2. Recent purchase.

  3. Attending an event.

  4. Birthdays, holidays, and client milestones.

  5. Honest and constructive feedback.

  6. Special occasions related to the industry.

  7. Without a reason.

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7 ways to send better customer appreciation emails

1. Come up with an extraordinary design

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to burst with bright colors and various fonts, even in happy birthday emails. You just need to make a special design that will stand out from many others.

Example of a customer appreciation email with extraordinary design

(Source: Stripo template)

To create a nice customer appreciation email, you use your rich imagination and get to know your customers better. Try to analyze and predict what would make them feel appreciated: Choose between a minimal design with a heartfelt note and a beautiful email that appeals to emotions. You might want to run an AB test or analyze all previous emails you’ve sent to these customers.

Important to note:

Pay attention to how the email displays on mobile and desktop devices because it’s crucial for your customer experience. Ensure all text elements are readable and pictures or banners are recognized by email service providers as images.

For more information on how to optimize your emails for mobile devices, please refer to this blog post:

2. Add your personal photo

You know, people tend to build strong emotional connections when they see a real human face. Therefore, it would be a good idea to add some personal touch to your brand in the emails.

In this case, a photo is the best option. Depending on the context, you may add a photo of the company founder, the team, or a particular coworker.

Example of a customer appreciation email with the photo of CEO

(Source: Email from EiQ)

It could be either a funny picture or a serious photo, in the process of working or entertaining. Pick what suits your brand and the occasion best and add it to your customer appreciation emails.

3. Attach a video

Have you ever received a customer appreciation email from the company’s CEO you bought something from? You might have. But have you received a video message from the CEO? We doubt it. That said, just imagine the excitement of your clients and the number of positive reviews after watching such videos.

Or even shoot a video where you thank users and in detail tell them how huge their input is.

Example _ Appreciation emails with video

(Source: Email from WWF)

4. Make the email copy heartfelt

When you send customer appreciation emails, be sure to make them heartfelt and emotional.

Example of how to ake customers feel appreciated in a Thank you note

(Source: Email from Brighton)

5. Offer a gift to new and loyal customers

When you deal with first-time customers, it would be nice of you to send them a coupon code that might encourage them to make the next purchase.

Example of how to give away coupons in appreciation emails

(Source: Stripo template)

Another thing you can connect with a discount or a coupon code is collecting customer feedback. Send an email which expresses gratitude and ask them to comment on their last interaction with your company and provide a reward.

6. Provide a client with early access

Early access emails are probably one of the things people value the most. It makes your loyal customers believe you give something that others still need to wait for. And it’s a good solution for a customer appreciation email.

When should you use it? For big holidays, or for when before you launch something big.

Announcing early access in appreciation emails as a way to thank your existing customers

(Source: Email from Brooklinen)

Typical mistakes we make when sending customer appreciation emails


You know, it’s pretty easy to figure out whether or not you address someone sincerely, even with a glance at the subject line. And if you want to really increase your brand loyalty, you should fill every appreciation email with frankness and openness.

Always remember that the main purpose of your customer appreciation email is not to mention additional shopping incentives but to make the customers happy, which will eventually lead to upcoming sales.

Discounts for the wrong items

It’s crucial to do some analytics when you’re about to send customer appreciation emails. To cheer your customers up with any discounts, make sure they apply to the items these clients need. You can simply check what they have recently ordered or what they prefer to buy regularly.

If you don’t do this research, you risk losing a good customer. Remember, no one will like a discount for the food they are allergic to, even at their favorite cafe or restaurant.

Your discounts or gifts should remind customers of your gratitude, not the opposite.

Reaching out to customers during late hours

You should always consider the time when sending customer appreciation emails. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what you say — customers will feel themselves disrespected.

Google _ Emails sent late at night

Message without signature

Ideally, customer appreciation emails should be personalized. You can’t be completely honest with a client if you don’t mention who is reaching out to them.

Except for the customer service team that constantly deals with customers. Ask them to write a brief note of gratitude.

Example _ CEO personal thank you note in a customer appreciate email to increase customer loyalty

(Source: Email from OptinMonster)

Finally, you may also invite the company’s CEO to express appreciation on special occasions. Don’t forget to mention it in the subject line to increase the opening rate 🙂

Tips and best practices for perfecting customer appreciation emails

Write clear email subject lines

Subject lines should briefly describe what a recipient is going to read.

Use a catchy and laconic subject line to draw your customers’ attention and increase the opening rate. It works especially when you prepare some unique content, such as a personal message from a manager.

Remember that subject lines are one of the key elements you should work on.

Say no to calls-to-action

Remember that genuine emails work best in any case. Therefore, don’t try to sell something when it comes to expressing gratitude and appreciation.

The only scenario when it’s okay to put CTA buttons in thank you emails is to invite customers to “Get a discount.”

Set plans for the future

You may express gratitude not only by sending videos and offering gifts but also by sharing your recent achievements and future goals.

Customers feel valued when they become tangent to some changes or watch the development of the brand they trust. Let them feel how important they are and take some time to share key goals and accomplishments.

Personalize your emails

Don’t forget to mention both the name or any essential details of your recipients and the name or department on behalf of which you are writing.

People always connect with real human beings, and it’s much easier to communicate with those customers who see an individual behind your brand and mailings.

Make the design appealing

Whatever design you choose, keep it simple and unique. Make sure every element is readable and easy to understand. Always check if your designs are accessible and user-friendly.

Wrapping up

Well, you have learned why it’s important to send a simple thank you email every once in a while and learned a few ideas you may use while creating a special customer appreciation email. We believe our advice will help you strengthen the brand voice and increase the loyalty and trust of your customers.

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