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As part of my job (and also my everyday life), I try out lots of products and recommend the ones I particularly love. The flip side of this is that there are also products I try and quite dislike. In a way, I think the products we don’t like can be just as interesting to talk about as the ones we do. I also find it helpful to remind myself that sometimes the products that promise to solve a given “problem” only create more issues in the long run. I think that kind of mindful mentality helps us all be more thoughtful consumers.

Today I’m sharing three of the expensive products I’ve tried in the past year that I ultimately haven’t loved.

While they all have their fair share of both good and bad reviews online, I thought it might be helpful to shed some light on my personal experiences with them. As always, you’re welcome to try things out for yourself and make your own judgments. This is simply one opinion… I hope you find it interesting to read!



Price: $299 (plus the cost of serum capsules)

Purchased: I purchased Droplette in late December 2021 (along with their collagen and retinol serums) and it took nearly ten weeks to arrive.

Expectations: I expected to notice definitive results in terms of skin tone and overall hydration. The brand promises the device delivers serums in a more effective way, and given the tech and price, I was cautiously optimistic. At $300, it’s something I expected to truly love.

What disappointed me: I don’t find the applicator very straightforward to use and I feel like the product spreads all over the room when I use it. I also don’t love the feeling that I’m inhaling the product, since it’s a mist. Overall, this product is a high price point for something I don’t think is exceedingly effective in the broad realm of skin-care tools and products. I’d rather apply serums and creams with my hands.


Sonos Roam

Price: $179

Purchased: May 2021

Expectations: I expected Sonos Roam to act as a portable outdoor speaker that could seamlessly move from inside to outside and travel with us.

What disappointed me: This product has essentially been a big bummer for me. I’ve had issues with it since day one. In my experience, it’s inconsistent staying connected to WiFi, which often means I literally cannot roam with it. It also has to be rebooted frequently, can run out of battery rather quickly (less than the 10-hour battery life listed online), and needs to be paired with Bluetooth just about every time it runs out of battery.


Halo Dog Collar

Expensive Products I Didn't Like: Halo Collar

Price: $999

Purchased: March 2022

Expectations: I expected the Halo Collar to replace the need for an electric fence for our dogs.

What disappointed me: The GPS has not been accurate for us, which is unfortunate since that’s the main feature of this pricey product. The GPS fence often doesn’t register on the dogs’ collars until about ten seconds after they cross the designated fence. It is supposed to give them warning beeps before they cross the fence. I’ve had to take time out of my day four times to call customer service for troubleshooting help and needed to recalibrate the collars each time. Each service call took about an hour to complete. The collars also get beat up really fast and I already sent one in to get repaired. I’ve heard great things about the product from people in other areas, but unfortunately these collars aren’t working well for us.

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