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Water Spinach also known as Kangkong or swamp cabbage is a leafy green vegetable that is believed to have several health benefits. It is famous in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia and has the scientific name Ipomoea Aquatica.

There are basically two types of Water spinach.

  • Ching Quat – Also known as green stem water spinach grown in moist soils
  • Pak Quat – Also known as white stem water spinach grown in aquatic conditions just like rice

All parts of the water spinach are edible but the most preferred ones are the leaves and the shoot tips

Just like any other green vegetable, water spinach is filled up with nutrients and is extremely beneficial for your health. They are eaten raw, cooked or as a salad and sometimes people drink the juice of water spinach which is again extremely healthy.

So, today in this article we will be looking at the nutritive value and the various health benefits of water spinach. Let’s begin.

Amazing health benefits of Water spinach

1. Packed up with nutrients

Any green leafy vegetables are packed up with nutrients. Water spinach being a green leafy vegetable is not an exception. A phytochemical analysis proved the presence of alkaloids, steroids, saponin, phenols, flavonoids, tannins, beta carotene, glycosides, soluble carbohydrates, and several other phytochemicals that are required by the human body. 

Along with these phytochemicals, Water Spinach is also rich in various vitamins and minerals. 100g of water spinach possesses the following nutritional value.

Nutrition Amount
Energy 19 Kcal
Protein 2.6g
Fat 0.2g
Vitamin A 315µg
Vitamin B1 0.03mg
Vitamin B2 0.1mg
Vitamin B3 0.9mg
Vitamin B5 0.141mg
Vitamin B6 0.096mg
Vitamin B9 57µg
Vitamin C 55mg
Calcium 77mg
Iron 1.67mg
Magnesium 71mg
Manganese 0.16mg
Phosphorous 39mg
Potassium 312mg
Sodium 113mg
Zinc 0.18mg

2. Treatment of Anemia

Consuming Water Spinach on a regular basis helps in increasing the iron content of your body. This vegetable is rich in Iron and hence is considered great for people affected by Anemia. Water spinach is also great for pregnant women as they help in increasing the RBC count of the body by helping in hemoglobin formation. 

3. Prevention of cancer

Yes, you read it right. This leafy vegetable actually helps in the prevention of cancer. It is loaded with various antioxidants which are responsible for eliminating free radicals from the body. Free radicals are responsible for strengthening cancer cells and multiplying the cells. The antioxidants present in water spinach serve this cause. Water spinach is generally related to the prevention of breast, colorectal and skin cancer. 

4. Great for your hair

As mentioned before Water spinach is rich in phytochemicals and nutrients that are considered great for your hair and scalp. In fact, the juice of water spinach prevents hair fall and improves the texture and quality of your hair. 

5. Prevents insomnia

Water spinach consists of some sedative elements which make you feel sleepy after having the vegetable. As a result, it is recommended to have this vegetable at least once at dinner ( as a salad or cooked ) to help you get a good sleep. Along with this, Water spinach is also rich in Zinc and selenium which calms down your nervous system.

6. Treats constipation

Water spinach is rich in fiber and helps in digestion and provides relief against digestive disorders. Water spinach possesses laxative properties that help in the treatment of constipation. It helps in softening stool and maintains bowel movements. Water spinach also helps in the treatment of intestinal worm infection and acts as a purgative agent. 

7. Great for your skin

We all know all green leafy vegetables are considered great for our skin. Water spinach being a green leafy vegetable is by no means an exception. Water spinach helps in flushing out toxins from your body and provides healthy and glowing skin. It also acts as a shield against developing acne or pimples on your skin. 

8. Great for your eyes

Water spinach if consumed as a salad or juice is considered great for our eyes. We do not tend to care so much about our eyes, whereas this ideal needs to be changed as the eyes are considered one of the most important organs of our body. Water spinach is a vegetable that is rich in iron and we all know how iron is necessary for keeping our eyes healthy.

9. Cure for liver problems

In India doctors generally prescribes juice of water spinach for treating liver problems especially during jaundice. Ayurveda mentions water spinach for faster recovery from jaundice or other liver-related problems. Water spinach has antioxidant properties which play a major role in protecting the liver from chemical-induced liver damage. 

10. Prevention of free radicals

Free radicals are harmful to the human body as it damages living cells causing pre-matured aging and illness. Consumption of raw or boiled water spinach helps in the prevention of free radicals from affecting the body. Water spinach being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants help in absorbing these free radicals and throws them out of the body. 

11. Great for diabetic patients

Water spinach is considered great for diabetic patients. It has been proven by research on rats that consumption of water spinach on a regular basis help in developing resistance against diabetes-induced oxidative stress. Water spinach is also great for pregnant women who are diabetic, though it is always recommended to consult your doctor before consuming anything during pregnancy. 


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