10 Things I Love Sunday


Like a lot of you parents out there, I am happy to have survived our first week of school, as we have an official kindergartner over here!

It felt like a marathon to get things all sorted out and ready for that (here’s some free lunch note card printables if you are packing lunches, too!).

In other news, in case you missed the announcement online, I’m pregnant with a new baby due in early February, so we are very excited about that!!

There will be a five-year age gap between my daughter Lola and this baby, but I still hear a lot of good stories from other people with bigger sibling age gaps.

But, that doesn’t seem to mean that they can’t still be friends as they grow up. I hope I still remember how to do the newborn and baby stages since it’s been a little bit … it’s like riding a bike, right??

Here’s what else I’m excited about this week …

grasses in a tall vase in front of star wallpaper

1. Dying over this jacket.

2. Just got these Target boots in the cognac color, and they are perfect for fall.

3. I’m still very much here for the “shacket” this year, and this and this one are my favorites so far.

4. I didn’t get into the dried pampas grass game a whole lot until now, but I have these tall ’70s-looking vases in my room (this is a cute one, too) that just didn’t work for flowers.

I needed something in them, and the grasses are perfect! Here’s a faux version if you want something easier to store.

5. Based on what I’ll be doing on my fall Saturdays at 10:45 a.m., should I get this cute sweatshirt?

6. Now that it’s September, I told Lola she can start to wear her Halloween pjs. I should get her fall/Halloween book nook together since she’s starting to read on her own now.

7. Stocking up on my pink Kashmiri chai tea packets as the weather cools down. If you like chai tea but haven’t tried Kashmiri chai, it’s SO good.

It has a sweet delicate flavor that’s different from traditional chai tea you may have had. And, it’s pink!!

8. This cute rug.

9. Has anyone else started Selling the OC on Netflix yet? Not sure if it will be as good as Selling Sunset yet (outfit-wise or drama-wise), but I’m happy to give it a try!

10. Love this initial ring. Could totally use it as a couple ring but it would be a good mom gift for a two-kid mom like me next year.

Well, there’s definitely been quite a bit happening at our house recently, so I’m hoping for a little more relaxing by the fire table in our newly made-over pavilion as the weather starts to cool off.

I just love a good fire pit, don’t you? xo. Laura

P.S. Here’s last week’s 10 Things Sunday in case you missed it!


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