10 Plant-Based Labor Day Picnic Recipes – Sharon Palmer, The Plant Powered Dietitian

Labor Day is the perfect holiday to enjoy the last days of summer with a picnic in the fresh air thanks to this eco-friendly, plant-based recipe lineup.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Labor Day is with a good old-fashioned picnic in the outdoors! I love to enjoy those last warm summer days with a good, hearty hike with friends and family, followed by a luscious plant-powered meal focusing on the season’s best produce. I put together some of my favorite plant-based picnic recipes perfect for your Labor Day festivities. Enjoy!

10 Plant-Based Labor Day Picnic Recipes

10 Plant-Based Labor Day Picnic Recipes

Iced Green Tea with Lemon and Cucumbers

Enjoy a naturally refreshing and healthy beverage for your picnic, such as this custom blend of green tea with lemon and cucumbers. Mix up a batch and put it in an insulated beverage cooler to cool down your guests.

10 Plant-Based Labor Day Picnic Recipes

Red Raspberry Salsa 

I love the sweet-tart taste of red raspberries paired with unexpected flavors, such as the spiciness of a salsa. This recipe is super easy to whip up and oh-so-pretty at your next party! Plus, raspberries are packed with nutrition for such a skinny calorie return.

10 Plant-Based Labor Day Picnic Recipes

Green Pea Hummus

I love adding a new twist to hummus. And this green pea hummus is just the thing.

10 Plant-Based Labor Day Picnic Recipes

Smoky Rosemary Snack Mix

This 100% plant-based recipe for Smoky Rosemary Snack Mix is just packed with the flavors of rosemary, smoke, and spice—all with the crunchiness of wheat cereal, pretzels, peanuts, and crackers.

10 Plant-Based Labor Day Picnic Recipes

Arugula Salad with Radishes and Avocado and Truffle Lemon Vinaigrette

Celebrate Labor Day with this gorgeous, candy-colored Arugula Salad with Radishes and Avocado! That’s thanks to the pretty pastel shades of radishes in pink, lilac and white juxtaposed against the soft green hues of arugula and avocados. But the flavors are anything but subtle: Spicy radishes, pungent arugula, creamy avocados, nutty pepitas, earthy truffles, and tangy citrus! This Arugula Salad won’t soon be forgotten. Plus, it’s all inspired by the seasonal offerings of the California farmers market, and my own backyard. But you can find these ingredients in just about any supermarket.

Pantescan Potato Salad 

This simple potato salad, infused with flavors of olives and capers, is a great dish to serve for a picnic lunch. The heart-healthy fats found in extra virgin olive oil are a key feature of the Mediterranean diet and provide a mountain of health benefits.

Green Bean, Chickpea, and Farro Salad with Za’atar

The Middle Eastern flavors shine right through in this nutritious, protein-rich, 100% plant-based Green Bean, Chickpea, and Farro Salad with Za’atar. Za’atar is a common seasoning—a mixture of sesame, sumac, and thyme—used in Arabic cuisine. You can find it in many specialty shops, or just mix it up yourself.

Curried Tofu Papaya Wraps

Now this is what I call healthy, delicious eating on the run! Filled with a colorful, flavorful tofu, papaya, and coconut filling, this wrap is a delicious treat for your picnic lunch. Stock up on powerful nutrients, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, fiber, and protein in this meal-in-one.

Greek Chickpea and Vegetable Filled Pitas

I love the Greek flair of these hearty, double chickpea and vegetable filled pita sandwiches, which can be thrown together in 5 minutes with 6 ingredients! These pitas are perfect for packing up for your picnic, or just bring along the ingredients and let your guests make their own pitas the way they like them.

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